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I want a Ponyta plushie…



► Eʅєƈƭɾɪƒɣɪɲʛ..

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→ Independent Game!Verse!AU Volkner. Set after BW2 events.
→ Four years experience in the Roleplay community.
→ Single ship character. Will ship with anyone.
→ Any style of roleplay is welcome, para, multi-para or short threads.
→ Will RP with any fandom. Slightly picky with OC’s.
→ Will RP with Gijinka’s, trainers, anthros, etc.



Indie blog for Stat trainer Marley, from DPPT.

Will gladly RP with anyone, let them be:

  • OCs
  • Pokémon (gijinka, anthros or not)
  • Other fandoms
  • Multishippers
  • Etc

I am:

  • An experienced RPer
  • Open for plotting
  • Open for shipping
  • Looking forward to have some fun (and not let this blog die.......)

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I don’t like the rain because I can’t go outside!


…Where can I find more of those balloons…? They don’t pop if I fill them with too much water…


everyone do these for their waifus so i did for mine and my sister’s babies

……I hit a group of adults and they were so angry!!!

Accusations, annoying questions, bad pick up lines, childhood stories, confessions, dreams, personal questions, promises, misinterpreted rumours,secrets, turmoil and woe








                           g i r l.}

╚ Independent Haruka RP Blog taking place post-Emerald.
╚ Single-ship blog. Meaning Haruka will only pair with one person.
╚Prefers not to RP outside of the Pokemon fandom; but will have few exceptions.
╚About a year total of Tumblr RP Experience. Has had experience writing elsewhere.
╚I’m a very selective RPer. Soooorrry.
╚I do all different RPs, whether it be crack, one-liners—- preferably para though hella.
╚Triggers will be tagged yoyoyo

Orig. Art Source tho